Reading in the library and renting books at home

Publications, audiovisual materials, other information materials and public databases that are necessary for the reader will be made available by the library. You can pay for the book courier service after confirming your order and sending you a notification in the - Price Lists section.

Provision of services to readers in the Central Library and branch libraries.

  • Where to start

    If you want to our library's services, you need to register as a reader. You need to come to the library to register yourself as a reader. Tallinn Central Library is located at Estonia pst 8, Tallinn. You can find information about branch libraries from the webpage of the library.

    To receive additional information, call 683 0915 or write to

    Personal identification

    If you want to register as a reader have the ID-card or some other document with a photo an personal identity code with you.

    What to do with the form

    Give it to a customer service employee in the library.

    Tallinna Keskraamatukogu

  • Tallinna Keskraamatukogu

    Name Unit Price empty
    Teavikute kullerteenus krd 0.00 € Pay
    Broneeringu teavitusteenus telefonile krd 0.20 €
    Lugejakaart külastajale, lugejakaardi asendamine tk 1.00 €
    Raamatukogudevaheline laenutus, artikli koopia edastamine lk 0.10 €
    Soodushinnaga lugejakaart, kaardi asendamine tk 0.50 €
    Teemanimestiku koostamine, esimesed 24 kirjet tasuta teg.ühik 0.80 €
    Viiesendine lugejakaart, lugejakaardi asendamine tk 0.05 €
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