Death registration

NB! From 01.07.2019, health care providers (primary care physicians, hospitals, ambulance service providers, etc.) will transmit the death facts in the population register automatically and will issue a death certificate. In general, it is no longer compulsory to register death at vital statistics office, as health care providers are obligated and authorized to register death and issue the first certificate of death (primary care physicians, hospitals, ambulance service providers, etc.).

Vital statistics department has the authority to register death only in special circumstances (death of a foreign citizen without an Estonian personal identification code, death abroad etc.).

  • Where to start

    The basis of compiling a death entry in the population register is an application previously filled in by an official.

    In order to register a death, you need to submit:

    • identity documents evidencing the applicant’s person;
    • medical death notice;
    • in case of a spouse’s death, the marriage certificate if the marriage details have not been entered into the population register of Estonia.

    A foreign document (marriage document issued in a foreign country) must be legalised or with a confirmed apostille, unless the international agreement states otherwise.

    Document in a foreign language must be translated into Estonian, Russian or English and the translation must be confirmed by a notary, consular officer or sworn translator.

    Personal identification

    Have an identity document with you.

    What to do with the form

    Tell our official orally that you wish to register the person's death and also submit the medical death certificate or the judgment declaring the death of the person and the identity documents of the deceased (the passport, ID-card and in case of the spouse’s death also the marriage certificate).


    Based on the composed death registration we will issue the death certificate.

    What to do when the result is unsatisfactory:

    To achieve the result follow our instructions.

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