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About Tallinn city administration

About Tallinn city administration

Tallinn, a major port of long standing, has become a bridge between East and West. Estonians and Tallinners are people with a strong tradition and history. The first known traces of the local population date back 3500 years. City rights were given to Tallinn on May 15, 1248 when the Town Council governed the city and since 2002 Tallinn City Day has been celebrated on this day. The picturesque Old Town, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is a unique pearl of medieval architecture accentuated with tall towers. Within a five-minute walk of the city centre there is the modern City where old intermingles with new.

Tallinn City Council is a representative body of Tallinn. It is a local government unit, elected by the voting people of the city on the basis of the Election Act of the Local Government Council.

Tallinn City Council is independent in deciding the matters in the competence of the local government and acts only in the interests and the name of the citizens.

The City Government is the local government’s executive body.  The City Government fulfils the assignments given to it by legislative drafting, economic activity, control and the involvement of the residents.  The Tallinn City Goverment consists of a total of seven members: the Mayor and six Deputy Mayors.

The city districts are administrative agencies (8 agencies) whose statutes, structure, personnel, salary levels and conditions are approved by the City Council upon the proposal of the City Government.

Last modified 31.07.2023