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Acknowledgement for the Urban Environment and Public Works Department

Acknowledgement for the Urban Environment and Public Works Department

ECOT-LogoEuropean City of the Trees 2015

Tallinn was awarded the title of the City of the Trees by the European Arboricultural Council. The title of the European City of the Trees is awarded to a city in a member state of the EAC, based on an expert assessment, taking into account the role of the trees in the urban environment and in human history, the city’s contribution to raising awareness about trees, as well recognition of the contribution of arborists to designing the urban landscape and using modern maintenance methods in caring for the trees in the city.

See pictures from the City of the Trees ceremony

Elmo Award

The Animal Shelters NGO launched, in 2013, the Elmo Award to celebrate the World Animal Day (4 October). It is a courage award that is given to a notable public official for successful cooperation with the NGO in the past year. On 4 October 2016, the award was presented to Relo Ligi, Head of the Tallinn Environmental Department, for organising the construction of the Tallinn Animal Shelter. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Relo Ligi, the City of Tallinn built an animal shelter that meets all modern requirements and can provide shelter for 200 cats and about 50 dogs.

Last modified 02.12.2022