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Acknowledgement for the Welfare and Health Care Department

Acknowledgement for the Welfare and Health Care Department

Green Office

Organisation recognised with the Green Office certificate (office building at Paldiski mnt 48a, incl. the Tallinn Welfare and Health Care Department).
European Green Office certificates are presented to organisations for outstanding environmental solutions in their working environment. The goal of the Green Office system is to protect the health of employees and reduce the environmental impact of offices, thereby helping organisations save money.


In an official ceremony held on 7 March 2017, Kaidor Kahar, the Equal Treatment Commissioner, presented the Tallinn Welfare and Health Care Department with the SIIA SAAB accessibility badges. The Welfare and Health Care Department is the first municipal agency to receive the SIIA SAAB badge.

SIIA SAAB (“We Are Accessible”) is a goodwill badge for promoting environments that are open and accessible to all people.
By displaying the badge, we let everyone know that people with different needs are welcome in our environment. Our premises, events and information are accessible to those who move in a wheelchair, use a white cane or suffer from hearing loss.

The badge shows our commitment to accessibility and our desire for continued improvement in this field.

For more information on the badge, see the website of the Equal Treatment Commissioner

Safe Community Network

The European Safe Community Network Certifying Centre (Stockholm Sweden) and the City of Tallinn entered into an agreement to launch a continuous injury prevention programme. The initiative encompasses the entire community, including people of all age groups, environments and situations. The parties have agreed to document and review their efforts and to share their experiences.

Having met all the required criteria, Tallinn submitted its application for joining the network in 2010. In 1989, Lidköping, Sweden, became the first municipality to receive the safe community certificate, and now the international network encompasses over 300 members across all continents. The other Estonian members of the network include the counties of Viljandi, Rapla and Lääne.

For more information on the organisation, see the website of the European Safe Community Network.

Last modified 21.02.2024