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Acknowledgements for the Municipal Police Department

Best Green Office 2016

At its conference in October 2016, the Estonian Association for Environmental Management (EAEM) presented the best Green Office award to the office building at Paldiski mnt 48A that houses the Tallinn Welfare and Health Care Department, the Municipal Police Department, the Energy Agency and some smaller foundations. “The office building at Paldiski mnt 48A is used by municipal agencies of various sizes, and they all do everything in their power to perform the organisational functions in a streamlined, sustainable and environmental manner. We make great efforts to care for the health and welfare of our employees by offering massage, stretching, medical care and healthy nutrition options at workplace, as well as opportunities for seaside activities and participation in fun events. We see the world through green glasses,” commented Aire Johanson, Chief Specialist of the Development and Administration Unit of the Tallinn Welfare and Health Care Department, located in the building at Paldiski mnt 48A.

More information on the Green Office project is available on the EU Green Office website and you can read more about the award procedure on the EAEM website.

Last modified 02.12.2022