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Admission to first grades

Important deadlines in applying to school :

  • March 1st - 15th - applying via eKool or in written form at Tallinn Education Department;
  • By May 25th Tallinn Education Department will notify the parents about the catchment area school via eKool by e-mail or the child's address according to the Population Register;
  • By June 10th the parent has to inform the school whether the child will attend the school or not;
  • If the parent moves to Tallinn after February 1st, a written application has to be submitted to the education department in order to ensure the child a place in the municipal school;
  • From June 15th all who wish may apply for the vacant positions directly to the schools

More information

If a child is listed as a citizen of Tallinn in the population register, but does not start studies in the first grade of a Tallinn municipal school, the parent must definitely notify the Tallinn Education Department.