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Applying for a tax exemption on a CO2 emission-free vehicle

In the City Centre zone in the public for-fee parking area in Tallinn, the exemption from the parking charge applies to drivers whose vehicles produce zero grams of pollutants per kilometre from carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. A vehicle with carbon dioxide-free exhaust emissions is primarily taken to mean a car powered entirely by an electric motor, indicated previously on the registration certificate of the vehicle. To become eligible for a tax exemption, an application should be filed with the Tallinn Transport Department. A tax exemption is demonstrated by a relevant electronic concession permit issued by the Transport Department.

To apply for a tax exemption, an application form is needed:

Application form

After completing an application, e-mail it to or turn it in at the City Transport Department of the Tallinn Transport Department, Harju 13, Level 4.

Office hours:

Mondays, 2 PM to 6 PM

Thursdays, 9 AM to 12 noon

Last modified 23.06.2022