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Most important archives

  • The Tallinn City Council Archive (the Tallinn Magistracy archive) contains documents from 1237 to 1889. (read more...)
  • Tallinn Guilds (read more...)
  • Brotherhood of the Black Heads of Tallinn ca 1400–1940
  • Lutheran Church congregations of Tallinn (read more...)
  • Orthodox Church congregations of Tallinn (read more...)
  • The Catholic Church of Sts. Peter and Paul congregation 1799–1926
  • Jewish Community of Tallinn 1859–1940
  • The Courts of Tallinn (read more...)
  • Miscellaneous Tallinn City Institutions (mainly administrations and commissions established as subsidiaries of the Council) (read more...)
  • Tallinn Stock Exchange Committee 1872–1944
  • Tallinn City Government (read more...)
  • The Executive Committee of the Tallinn Council of People's Deputies (read more...)
  • Departments of the Tallinn City Government 1918-1940, 1941-1944 (read more...)
  • The schools of Tallinn (read more...)
  • Notaries of Tallinn (read more...)
  • Tallinn Address Bureau 1909-1940. See digitised documents 
  • Harju County Institutions 1918-1944 (read more...)
  • Tallinn-Harju Tax Administration 1930–1944 and the Tallinn and Harjumaa tax departments 1918–1929
  • Tallinn Buildings Register 1945-2003
  • Personal Archives – primarily from the 20th century
  • Soviet-era Tallinn Industrial and Service Enterprises and other institutions
  • The photo collection (read more...)
  • Collection of plans and maps (read more...)
  • The library (read more...)

Last modified 20.10.2022