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Commissioning home compost bins and collection bins for bio-waste

In accordance with the Waste Act, the Tallinn Waste Management Plan 2022-2026 and the Tallinn Waste Management Regulations, waste must be collected separately. The separate collection of bio-waste at the point of origin must be organised in Estonia by 31 December 2023 at the latest, but Tallinn plans to achieve this earlier - by 1 June 2023.

Handing over bio-waste to a waste collector with a collection bin as part of an organised waste transport service will be made mandatory for everybody in Tallinn from 1 April 2023. Transferring bio-waste in a bin is easy, because the waste transport is carried out by the same company that currently also empties the property's municipal solid waste bin. Therefore, an amendment to the contract is all that needs to be done. You can find information about your waste hauler HERE

Residents of detached or semi-detached buildings, townhouses or buildings with two flats can choose between composting bio-waste according to requirements themselves or giving it over in a bin. Residents of buildings with more than two flats can also compost themselves, but having a collection bin is mandatory. Proof of proper composting must be submitted

Start collecting bio-waste

In order to promote the separate collection of bio-waste, the city of Tallinn is providing collection bins (80-litre and 140-litre) for residents of single-family homes, semi-detached houses, townhouses, or houses with up to nine apartments.
In addition to the collection bins, 700 home composter bins have been put into use, which have all found their new owners. 

A 7-litre bio-waste collection bin for the home kitchen can also be requested free of charge with each collection bin.
Collection bins can be picked up at the location selected in the application (Paljassaare or Pääsküla waste treatment plant).

There are plenty of 80L and 140L collection bins. For residential buildings with 1-4 flats, we recommend an 80L collection bin. For residential buildings with 5-9 flats, we recommend a 140L collection bin.

Apply through the Tallinn e-service.

As part of the project “Promotion of separate collection of bio-waste and on-site composting in the city of Tallinn”, support was allocated to the Tallinn Strategic Management Office by the Environmental Investment Centre for the purchase of 700 250-litre bio-waste home compost bins and 1000 140-litre bio-waste collection bins as well as for conducting composting training. In addition to the project, the city acquired 4000 80-litre bio-waste collection bins. The purchase price of the home composter bin is €318.56 (with VAT), of which €50 is paid by the applicant for the home composter bin. The purchase price of a 140-litre collection bin is €23.88 (with VAT) and the purchase price of an 80-litre collection tank is €22.32 (with VAT), which is given to the applicant for use without a deductible. 

  • The total cost of the KIK project is €250,894.92, of which the amount of support is €185,662.24 and the personal contribution of the city of Tallinn is €65,232.68.
  • The project duration is 14 January 2022 to 7 September 2023. The collection funds must be used for their intended purpose by 7 September 2026. 

The project is carried out with the support of the emissions trading (CO2) trading system.
The project is financed by the Ministry of the Environment from the funds of international climate co-operation.

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