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TalTech DeepEST goes CIRCULAR and is now OPEN for applications!

This is an advanced program with a #circular twist so also last years' participants are welcome to apply! TalTech DeepEST is an intensive 4-months development program for teams (or individuals) to move their #science-based & #deeptech ideas/ #spin-offs onward!

This is your unique possibility to:
Take part in workshops carried out by top experts in the field:
#Sustainable Business models; EU Green Deal & #ESG criteria, Customer discovery, validation & market research; Cooperation with clients & partners; Conflict management, Leadership & team building; Pitching & investor deck; Financials & legal.
Meet and learn from other deep-tech founders & industry experts;
Get feedback from excellent mentors and investors;
Find your missing team-member or co-founder during the match-making events;
Apply for development grants (starting grant up to 10 000€ and commercialization grant up to 75 000€).

Join us and find out how to #commercialize your #scientific idea / research project / spin-off. We help your team to think about the sustainable business aspects, finding team-mates and how to finance your venture.

Register before 30.09.2022 here:
With any questions contact Kaisa Hansen, TalTech Startup Centre Manager & DeepEST Spin-off Program Manager,