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Child care service for a child with a severe or profound disability

The childcare service helps parents of disable children cope and work, and at the same time ensures the child’s comfort, development and safety. The childcare service is also designed to give parents free time from taking care of their children so that they can temporarily engage in other activities (for example, looking for a job, attending training or

In place of a parent, the child is cared for by a trained (licensed) nanny.

Good to know

There are several ways of financing the childcare service, depending on the volume of the service (the support and equalisation fund and the European Social Fund, either in combination or separately). A specialist from the city district government will provide the family with more detailed information about this, while also determining the family’s need for assistance and the sources of financing for the service.

  • In agreement with the service provider, the childcare service can be provided on the service provider’s premises or at the child’s home.
  • In the case of children aged up to 18 with a severe or profound disability, the childcare service is financed for the term of the service referral decision.
  • Parents can use the service during the day or round the clock. The service can also be provided on an hourly basis. The round-the-clock service may suit parents who are on holiday or a business trip.
  • It is not possible to obtain the service in the case of unexpected need, because the process of applying and entering into the contract generally takes a few weeks.