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Child mentor – support person

A volunteer mentor (support person) helps a child cope independently in situations where they need guidance, encouragement and motivation.

The support person working with the child:

  1. assists in conduct of developing activities;
  2. teaches and encourages coping in everyday life;
  3. assists in studies;
  4. assists in communicating;
  5. teaches the child to take care of his- or herself and develop social skills;
  6. sets an example with own behaviour.

The child of 3-18 years of age is entitled to service. The child involved in service lives at home and meets support person outside home. The support person can use telecommunication means for communicating with the child. The support person cooperates with the legal representative or caregiver of the child and fosters good relations between them.The support person works with the child on workdays daily or in the evening. The provision of the service on weekends and public holidays is decided upon by the service provider.The service is appointed by the child protection specialist of the social welfare department of the residence of the child.