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City Council Scholarship

The purpose of the City Council Scholarship is to:

  1. support and acknowledge master’s and doctoral candidates who are successful in their studies and research and whose master’s or doctoral thesis or research paper addresses a topic related to the fields of activity of the City of Tallinn as a local government, has an applicable value for the city, and contributes to the solution of a problem the City of Tallinn is facing;
  2. promote and facilitate the research of topics related to the areas of life of Tallinn as the capital of the Republic of Estonia by the master’s and doctoral candidates studying in universities and institutions of professional higher education located in Tallinn;
  3. support the institutions of the City of Tallinn with high-quality research and facilitate research-based approach to the tasks and challenges they face.

The scholarship is intended for master’s and doctoral candidates.

The scholarship is funded by the City of Tallinn. The size of the scholarship fund is 45,000 euros per year. Up to 36 annual scholarships (1,000 euros each) are intended for master’s candidates and up to six scholarships (1,500 euros each) for doctoral candidates.

Each university or institution of professional higher education who has a cooperation agreement with the City of Tallinn may submit up to ten candidates for the scholarship competition. Master’s or doctoral candidates cannot nominate themselves. The structural unit of the university or the student’s supervisor can nominate a candidate. If a student cooperates with an establishment of the City of Tallinn for writing their research paper, then a civil servant of the respective establishment can nominate the student as a candidate for the scholarship. Detailed application conditions are available at: