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City Property Department

Vabaduse väljak 10Vabaduse väljak 10
10146 Tallinn

Phone: 640 4517, 640 4500
Fax: 640 4533 , 6404501

Head: Hardi Alliksaar

Tallinn City Property Department was established on 1st April 2009 through the mergence of two agencies – the Tallinn Land Department and the Tallinn Housing Department.

The Tallinn City Property Department is in charge of dealing with the operations regarding the property of the city of Tallinn, municipal dwellings and the construction of residential buildings, land taxation and land readjustment and the issues concerning the completion of the ownership reform in Tallinn.

Services provided by the City Property Department

Key tasks:

  1. the managing of complete residential buildings and social accommodation units belonging to the city, the organizing of the managing, technical maintenance and upkeep work and the renting of housing units to people needing help in ameliorating their living conditions;
  2. the managing of the individual apartments owned by the city;
  3. the organizing of the transfer of city property;
  4. the implementation of the second residential building construction programme in Tallinn;
  5. the co-ordinating of the foreign and development projects, supporting the development of housing activities in the city (e.g. providing training for the heads of apartment associations and granting financial aid for the acquisition of an energy label, constructing family homes for children without parental care and building social accommodation units);
  6. the developing of co-operation projects with the private and public sector;
  7. the managing of the operations concerning land taxation and land readjustment;
  8. the municipalisation of publicly owned land, the lots of the buildings owned by the city and the land enabling the city to grow and fulfil its responsibilities;
  9. the organizing of the restitution and compensating of property;
  10. the organizing of the issues regarding privatisation and the identification of apartment ownership forms;
  11. the settling of rental disputes;
  12. the keeping of accounts on the use, disposal and possession of the real property and buildings owned by the city

The statutes of the Tallinn City Property Department and the services and departments of the institution (in Estonian)


General Unit
Legal Unit
Rental Committee
Housing Department
Real Estate Procedures Department
Construction Division
Administrative Division
City Lands and Land Management Unit
Land Price Unit

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