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Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster (EWHC)

Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster – Knowingly into the future

Cluster overview:

Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster was created in order to improve the international competitiveness, raise the added value and export turnover of cluster companies through international cooperation between companies, R&D and educational institutions in the fields of joint marketing, product development and competence building. The leader organization of Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster is Estonian Woodhouse Association.  All manufacturers have a long-term traditions in producing and are competitive in foreign markets - approximately 80-90% of total production of wooden houses in Estonia is exported. Estonia is the 1st exporter of wooden houses in EU based on total turnover of wooden houses exported in a year.

Looking for:

EWHC is open for cooperation with both public and private organizations and partners in order to develop timber building sector.


Competence fields:

The complex of joint ventures includes general development, marketing, vocational training activities, information exchange etc.


Cluster members:

At the moment, there are 26 organizations in the cluster (including timber building manufacturers, educational institutions and supply chain partners).

Profiles are available on the EWHC webpage

Cluster Management Excellence: Bronze Label


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Eeva Vahtramäe

Cluster Manager

+372 5621 3127

Last modified 14.11.2022