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Compensation for the costs of adapting the living space

Compensating for the costs of adapting the living space for people with disabilities who struggle to move around in their place, cope or communicate due to their disability. The purpose of the service is to ensure safe coping in their place of residence and the ability to enter and exit safely and independently or with minimal help.

People with severe and profound disabilities whose place of residence according to the Population Registry is Tallinn and whose living space is situated in the administrative territory of Tallinn are eligible for compensation of the cost of adapting the living space.

Which costs will be reimbursed? Some possible adaptions include removing the bath and replacing it with a shower, removing doorsteps and installing ramps and wheelchair platform lifts.

How much of the costs will be reimbursed? Tallinn will reimburse expenses up to 1600 euros. If the adaption costs more, the client has to pay the remaining sum. For example: if adapting the washroom will cost 2800 euros, Tallinn will reimburse 1600 euros and the applicant has to pay 1200 euros. If it is an adaption that costs less than 1600 euros, Tallinn will reimburse the entire cost.

Terms and conditions:

The costs will be reimbursed partially if, as a result of adapting the living space:

  • the applicant’s independent coping and capacity improves in practical activities;
  • the need for personal assistance in walking, hygiene procedures, cooking, ensuring safety and communicating decreases significantly; or
  • satisfying the need for personal assistance with services or other assistance is not feasible or possible.

What is (and what is not) considered the costs of adapting the living space? The necessary material and the cost of construction are considered the costs of adapting a living space.

The costs of adapting a living space do not include purchasing and installing assistance aids if the technical aid assistance can be purchased and installed under Annex ‘List of Aid Assistances’ to the Act

List of aid assistances, the terms and List of aid assistances, the terms and conditions of the government claiming responsibility for payment of the aid assistances and exceptions and the data of the aid assistance card.

How can I apply?

You must submit a quote with your application to receive the compensation. If the adaption work occurs in the building’s common rooms, the applicant must submit the agreement of the apartment association or co-owners. Tallinn Social Welfare and Health Care Department will examine the living space to be adapted and record the situation before the adaption. If the living space is adapted, the costs of adapting the living space will not be reimbursed afterwards.

The department will confirm the work after completion of the adaption. The reimbursement of adapting the living space occurs after the work is completed and accepted based on the costs statement. The maximum sum that will be compensated is 1600 euros.