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Construction of Tallinn Zoo's Tiigriorg starts in July

The City of Tallinn has signed a contract for the construction of the Tiigriorg (Tiger Valley) exhibition in Tallinn Zoo with the joint contractor ATEMO OÜ/EG Ehitus AS. The works will start in the second half of July, after the end of the timber harvest halt due to breeding season.

The main purpose of the tiger enclosure will be to create outdoor areas for the Amur tiger, but other Far Eastern species will also be showcased - there are also plans to create habitats for the leopard, marmoset, hare, fox rabbit and birds.

According to Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet, the Tiigriorg exhibition will be one of the biggest new features to be built at the zoo, alongside the new polararium, a new visitor centre and a rainforest exhibition under construction. "The Tiigriorg is a predominantly landscape architectural solution that will create the most natural environment possible for the animals and provide exceptional experiences for visitors. I am confident that Tiigriorg will bring both new visitors and old friends to the zoo. I am delighted that we can start construction despite the current large-scale price increases," said Svet.

Animal welfare conditions in the Tiigriorg will be significantly improved compared to the current situation, starting with the extent of the territory and ending with facilities to enrich the living environment of the zoo residents. Tunnels will be built for moving between the different outdoor areas, walls will be erected to resemble cliffs, feeder cables will be installed and so on. There will also be animal enclosures and additional gardens. With visitors in mind, observation shelters have been planned to make viewing more comfortable for the valley's inhabitants. One of the two outdoor areas will have an underground observation tunnel, and visitors will be able to view the tiger through a window in the tropical rainforest café already under construction.

Tiit Maran, the Tallinn Zoo Director, believes there is no other exhibit on this scale in Europe. "Many people have been involved in the concept of the tiger enclosure. We want to make the Tiigriorg a place that incorporates the best of the world's knowledge," said Maran. "Our Tiger Valley is something new in its nature, you could call it Tiger Land. On an area of approximately one hectare, two sections are planned for five tigers - the larger one will be natural and the smaller one will be a more intensive experience area where the visitor and the tiger will have closer contact. Three reserve enclosures are also planned for possible tiger breeding. The tiger enclosure will form a coherent whole, which is sure to include a range of wow-experiences."

The Tiigriorg exhibition is designed by SWECO Projekt AS, built by the joint venture ATEMO OÜ/EG Ehitus AS and supervised by OÜ Keskkonnaprojekt. The cost of the works, including VAT, is around €6.46 million. The works will start in July 2022 and the complex is due for completion on 20 August 2023, after which the buildings will be furnished and occupied by four-legged residents. The tiger enclosure will be opened once the animals have settled in to their new homes.

Construction of the Southeast Asian Tropical Rainforest Exposition building in the Tallinn Zoo began in January last year and is due for completion this July.