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Tallinn Urban Environment Department and Public Works Department

Project coordinator Tiia Pedusaar phone +3725097744 email [email protected]

Expert Mai Andresson phone +372 6404715 email [email protected]

Financial manager Lea Vedder phone +372 6164064 email [email protected]

Tallinn University of Technology

Project manager Karin Pachel phone +3726202504 email [email protected]

Turku University of Applied Sciences

Project manager Jan-Hendrik Körber email [email protected]

Finnish Environment Institute

Project coordinator Ljudmila Vesikko phone +358400148565 email [email protected]

Municipality of Söderhamn

Project coordinator Ingemar Olofsson email [email protected]

City of Turku (Associated partner)

Olli-Pekka Mäki email [email protected]

John Nurminen Foundation

Miina Mäki email [email protected]

Last modified 02.03.2023