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If you don’t have water and the sewage system isn’t working

If you don’t have water and the sewage system isn’t working

  • Assess what kind of problems will occur in your home if you don’t have water.
  • Keep a week’s supply of drinking water at home if you don’t have any other way of getting clean water in the case of a water supply disruption. It’s important to check its expiration date.
  • If you rely on a public water supply, check with either your service provider, apartment association or local government to learn how they will guarantee a water supply for residents in a crisis.
  • Ensure that, if necessary, you can get water from an alternative water source, e.g. a spring, natural body of water or well. You should have canisters at home so that you can bring water and store it whenever necessary.
  • Ensure that you can get water from a well without an electric pump, either by using a hand pump or a rope and a bucket. Take into consideration that water from a rarely used well may not be instantly suitable for drinking.
  • Prepare an alternative water supply for household pets. For example, they can drink either rainwater or snowmelt water.
  • Use rubbish bags as toilets if the sewage system breaks. We recommend adding newspapers, sawdust, peat or any other absorbent material to the rubbish bag.
  • Wherever possible, you can use an outhouse if the sewage system breaks.

You can also purchase drinking water in canisters from the grocery store.
The apartment association can sign preliminary contacts for the rental of mobile water reservoirs from a water company and have their respective contact number.

Residents who have an alternative place to live (country residence, accommodation with relatives or acquaintances, etc.) can temporarily go there.

In the winter, you can drain the water in the pipes (also in the heating pipes if you don’t have heating) to prevent the freezing of the pipes. You can use a cloth to warm up the pipes.

Last modified 03.10.2022