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Information for the apartment association and residents

Information for the apartment association and residents

Ancillary questionnaire-survey regarding crisis preparedness for apartment association managers

Dear apartment association manager!

In the event of a crisis, it’s extremely important that the entire apartment association is adequately prepared and has a contingency plan in case vital services are disrupted.

The objective of the ancillary questionnaire is to increase awareness among Tallinn’s apartment associations in getting prepared for vital service disruptions and crises. The questionnaire results show, by district, the knowledge of apartment association managers regarding the disruption of vital services and its impact on the association. In addition, it helps to plan out and prepare actions so that residents can handle a crisis.
You can answer the questionnaire in both Estonian and Russian here.
The Estonian Rescue Board commissioned a survey in 2021 conducted by Kantar Emor; it revealed that knowledge related to emergency situations is the lowest (41.6%) among Harju County residents, including Tallinn, compared to other Estonian counties. In addition, the survey outlined that particular attention should be shown to people living in apartment buildings.
All 6000 Tallinn apartment association managers or board members are invited to answer the survey; apartment building residents are invited as well. The campaign period is from 20 September until November 2022. Summaries will be prepared in December and prizes will also be awarded. One crisis kit will be given away in each city district. The grand prize is a generator, which all participants will be eligible to win.
When filling in the questionnaire, you are required to enter the apartment building address, the apartment association name and the e-mail address and phone number of the chairperson or a board member of the apartment association. There are 26 questions and they deal with the following topics:
  • General issues.
  • Electricity.
  • Heating.
  • Water and the sewage system.
  • Communication.
  • Shelter.
  • Evacuation.
The questions will be displayed on different pages and they will be multiple choice.
After answering the questions, the respondent will see additional information regarding the given topic, which will give the apartment association manager guidelines on how to prepare and develop an action plan in case vital services are disrupted or for a crisis situation.
Answers can be saved or printed out. On the basis of the results, the board of the apartment association can map the current situation in the apartment building and plan additional actions to improve preparedness to handle crises. Apartment associations have the opportunity to receive additional crisis counselling so everyone can cooperate to find the best solutions to any weaknesses. Consultation is available through the crisis group telephone number: 661 9871 (Mon-Fri from 8:30-16:30)
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Tallinn Crisis Prevention Group contacts

We give advice regarding preventing emergency situations to apartment associations, community associations, communities and non-profit organisations

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Telephone: 661 9871 (on workdays 8:30–16:30) 
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