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Tallinn Culture & Sports Department

Tallinn Culture & Sports Department

Address Juhkentali tn 12, 10132 Tallinn

Sports Unit Juhkentali tn 12, 10132 Tallinn
Culture Unit Vabaduse väljak 10, 10146 Tallinn

Phone +372 640 4585
[email protected]
Registry code 77001435
Head of Department
Hillar Sein
Sports portal /sport 
Culture portal

Tallinn Culture & Sports Department creates opportunities for cultural activities, leisure activities, sports and movement for city residents and preserves and presents cultural and sports heritage.

Work hours and reception

MONDAY 8:15am to 6pm
TUESDAY-THURSDAY 8:15am to 5pm
FRIDAY 8:15am to 4pm

If you want to make an appointment with an official, please book a time by phone: +372 640 4585


Head of Department Hillar Sein
Employees who directly report to the Head of Department
Budget Sector

Culture Unit
Sports Unit

Administered institutions

  • Tallinn Philharmonic Society
  • Tallinn Central Library
  • Tallinn Literary Centre
  • Tallinn City Theatre
  • Tallinn City Museum
  • Tallinn Folk High School
  • Russian Cultural Centre
  • Kadrioru Stadium
  • Pirita Sports Centre
  • Nõmme Sports Centre
  • Tallinn Sports Arena
  • Kristiine Sport
  • Tallinn Sports School
  • Tondiraba Sports Centre

Among other things, the department is tasked with:

  • forming an active society that values creativity
  • encouraging an active lifestyle among the city’s residents planning and implementing cultural and sports activities
  • protecting and introducing Tallinn's cultural and historical distinctiveness, national culture and spiritual and material heritage
  • developing a diverse cultural and sports space, cultural and sports infrastructure
  • coordinating, monitoring and analysing the activities of the city's cultural and sports institutions and other city institutions in the field of culture and sports
  • encouraging co-operation between sports organisations

Information about the services provided by the Tallinn Culture & Sports Department can be found in the service database.

Cultural events and projects
Tallinn's events and hobbies portal HUVI

Citywide cultural events and projects

Larger events organised by the Culture & Sports Department
Tallinn Maritime Days
Tallinn Day
Culture Night
Days of National Cultures
Estonian Restoration of Independence

Sports morning

Larger events organised by other departments and organisations
Birgitta Festival
Light festival “Valgus kõnnib Kadriorus”
Tallinn Old Town Days
Job advertisements

See all active job advertisements in the city of Tallinn.


Students who are at least in their second year of study at an educational institution registered in the Republic of Estonia are eligible for an internship.

In order to take part in the internship, the following must be submitted:

  • application (*.doc)
  • your educational institution’s internship guide
  • academic statement
  • curriculum vitae (if desired, use the given form)

Please send the documents at least one month before the desired start of the internship to the e-mail address [email protected]. Applicants will be contacted within two weeks.

Internships in the departments of the city of Tallinn are regulated by the Internships Procedure.

Salary details

Salary details are published on the webpage on Public Administration.

Public Procurements

Public procurements in the jurisdiction of the Tallinn Culture & Sports Department are published in the Public Procurements Register.

Legislations, useful information, frequently asked questions and user manuals of the public procurement register related to organising public procurements can be found on the Ministry of Finance website.

Tallinn Procurement Procedure 
Procurement plan 2024


Studies ordered by the Tallinn Culture & Sports Department can be found in the Tallinn Study Information System.

Support for non-profit activities

Support for non-profit activities in Tallinn


Culture & Sports Department Statute 
Procurement plan 2024

Last modified 26.01.2024