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Domestic abuse help in Tallinn

Domestic abuse help in Tallinn

There is ALWAYS a way out of violence! If you suspect that you or someone you know is subject to psychological, physical, economic or sexual abuse, reach out immediately. On this website you will find services that help victims of domestic abuse and their families. 

Where to find help?

NB! In a life-threatening situation immediately call 112! There are several ways to find help in Tallinn. 

  • Victim support helpline 116 006 - Victim support provides extensive assistance to people who have been abused or mistreated. People will be supported in cases of physical, psychological, sexual and economic abuse as well as accidents and crimes. Additional services include psychological counselling and applying for victim support compensation. 
  • Child helpline 116 111 - The child helpline is a service for counselling, listening and assistance. Child support specialists help through phone and online conversations and provide guidance on how to proceed with solving a problem. The line is open nationwide 24/7. Calls are free and calls from mobile phones are possible even if your phone plan has run out. Counselling is available in Estonian, Russian and English. 
  • Tallinn Women’s Crisis Centre +372 5396 9834 - The Tallinn Women’s Crisis Centre offers support, understanding and help. The Centre provides primary counselling to assess your situation, psychological and legal counselling and shelter during crisis periods, if necessary.
  • Support line for quitting violence 660 6077 - The support line is meant for men and women who wish to stop being violent in their relationship and make their behaviour safer. The line is also open for loved ones who wish to support someone quitting violence. 
  • Human trafficking hotline +372 660 7320 - If you have been coerced into doing work that you do not consent to or have been coerced into prostitution, or if agreements you have made have been breached and your documents have been taken from you, contact the human trafficking prevention hotline for help.


Counselling offers a safe environment for you to speak about your problems and, with the help of specialists, allows you to find solutions to manage situations better in the future. 

  • Crisis support counselling - Crisis support counselling is short-term psychological aid for people who have been through a traumatic experience or accident (including being a witness/bystander) or who have encountered a crisis in their everyday life and feel the need for support.
  • Counselling for victims of sexual abuse - Free individual psychological counselling and therapy for victims of sexual abuse (including past incidents of sexual abuse). The service is available for women as well as men, children, young and old who have experienced or suspect sexual abuse.
  • Psychological counselling - Psychological counselling for children face-to-face and online. The meetings take place individually with the child or with the whole family. 
  • Mental health counselling - Support in everyday life situations. Volunteer councelors will assist you via phone, chat or video chat, according to your preferences. 
  • Legal help - offers residents of Estonia two hours of free legal counselling in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice. Support is available to all residents of Estonia whose average gross income does not exceed €1200 per month Exceptions include family matters involving children’s rights in which case the income limit is €1700 per month.
  • Free legal help - Free legal help to Tallinn residents whose monthly income per person in a household is below the national minimum wage rate (584 euros). 

Parent and Child

Families do not have to face all the challenges of raising a child on their own. Feel free to ask for advice or look up useful materials online at
  • Support for separating or separated parents - Meetings are arranged between children and parents separated from them in the presence of a social worker. 
  • Parenthood programme ‘Wonderful Years’ - Education program for parents of Estonian speaking children aged 2 to 8. The program is designed for parents who acknowledge that they need assistance raising children and whose children show signs of behavioural problems.
  • Family based work - Problems related to everyday life and the raising of children, crisis solving.  


Shelters for children or families with children who need temporary shelter due to abuse or unforeseen life events. 

  • Children's shelter - Temporary shelter and care for children.
  • Parent and child shelter - Temporary shelter for parent and child offering housing and counselling.
  • Support to return to an independent life - Includes social and economic counselling, instruction and assistance in everyday tasks. Possibility to apply for housing in a dormitory or social housing unit.
  • Tallinn Women’s Crisis Centre - The Tallinn Women’s Crisis Centre offers support, understanding and help. The Centre provides primary counselling to assess your situation, psychological and legal counselling and shelter during crisis periods, if necessary.

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice! 

For more information on services and aid contact your local district social welfare department.

District contacts:

Haabersti District Administration
Ehitajate tee 109a/1
Tiina Juurik
+372 640 4810; +372 640 4823 
[email protected]

Tallinn City Centre Administration
Pärnu mnt 9
Merike Jaanhold-Lintal
 +372 645 7832
[email protected]

Kristiine District Administration
Metalli 5
General telephone: +372 645 7140
[email protected]

Lasnamäe District Administration
Pallasti tn 54
Kristiina Keerd 
+372 645 7706 
[email protected] 

Mustamäe District Administration
E.Vilde tee 118
Kadri Jõks
+372 645 7563 
[email protected]

Nõmme District Administration
Valdeku tn 13
Elina Hanstein
+372 645 7381
[email protected]

Pirita District Administration
Kloostri tee 6
Jelena Afonova 
+372 645 7179 
[email protected] 

Põhja-Tallinn Administration
Kari 13
Katrin Laur
+372 645 7075 
[email protected]  


Last modified 19.03.2024