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Edgar Savisaar

Edgar Savisaar

Former mayor of Tallinn (2001–2004 and April 9th 2007 – November 9th 2017)

Date and Place of Birth:                                                       
May 31, 1950 Harju County 

Family Status:
Divorced, two sons and two daughters

Party Membership:
Estonian central Party 1991

1966 Vastse-Kuuste 8-kl kool
1966-1968 Tartu Secondary School No 7
1968 Tartu Extramural Secondary School
1973 Tartu University, historian

Scientific work:
1980 candidate of Philosophy “Socio-philosophical Basis for Global Models of the Club of Rome"
1982 assistant professor

1980-1985 Chairman of Planning Committee of Executive Committee of Tallinn Mere District Soviet
1985-1988 Head of Department, National Planning Committee of Estonian SSR 
1988-1989 Research Director of consultation firm “Mainor” 
1989-1990 Deputy Chairman of Supreme Soviet of Estonian SSR, Chairman of Planning Committee
1990 Minister of Economic Affairs of Estonian SSR
1990-1992 Prime Minister of the Republic of Estonia
1992-1995 Vice President of the Riigikogu
1995 Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Estonia
1996-1999 Chairman of Tallinn City Council
1992-2001 Member of the 7th, 8th and 9th Riigikogu 
2001-2004 Mayor of Tallinn 
March-April 2005 Chairman of Tallinn City Council
2005 – 2007 Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications of the Republic of Estonia
2007, 2009, 2013 - Mayor of Tallinn

Membership in Representative Bodies:
1989 Soviet Congress of USSR
1988-1992 Supreme Soviet of Estonian SSR
1990 Member of Board of Estonian Committee
1996-2001 Member of Tallinn City Council, Chairman (1996-99)
1995-2001 7th, 8th and 9th Riigikogu

Other Society Membership:
1998 Scottish Club
2002 NGO LiVal Sport
2010 President of Estonian Skating Union
2014 Vice President of INTA

2001 Order of the National Coat of Arms, II Class
2006 Order of the National Coat of Arms, I Class
2013 Order of Russian Orthodox Church

German, Finnish and Russian


1982 "Global Problems and Future Scenarios"
1990 "Speeches"
1994 "New Politics on its Way"
1999 "I Believe in Estonia"
2005 "Prime Minister. Estonian Contemporary History 1990-92“
2012 "The Truth About Estonia"

A great number of articles in national publications and local newspapers


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