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Education Department

Estonia pst 5aEstonia pst 5a
10143 Tallinn

Phone: +372 6404 590

Education in Tallinn web page 
Head: Andres Pajula


Main tasks:

  • organising issues associated with the educational policy in Tallinn;
  • consulting children, their parents and educational institutions;
  • preparing the annual budget for educational expenditure and approving the budgets of managed institutions;
  • creating the conditions for organisation of preschool, basic, secondary and hobby education in managed institutions;
  • organising the network of institutions managed by the board, designing its development trends, making proposals to the city government for establishment and reorganisation of institutions and termination of their activities;
  • inspecting municipal educational institutions to ascertain they adhere to the legal acts of the state and Tallinn;
  • financial, statistical and methodological reporting and analysis concerning education in Tallinn;
  • planning the building, major repairs and renovation of the institutions managed by the board, preparing and organising the same if necessary;
  • coordinating the IT development of educational institutions;
  • organising public competitions for filling vacant positions of educational institution principals;
  • organising the possession, use and disposal of the municipal property managed by the board;
  • developing and coordinating international educational cooperation;
  • maintaining educational databases;
  • exercising supervisory control of managed institutions.

Last modified 22.11.2022