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Geodesy and Land Management

Geodesy and Land Management

The Geodesy and Land Management Unit of the Tallinn Urban Planning Department names places, changes and assigns addresses, organises activities related to land, manages and supervises geodetic works and shares information on performed land surveying works.

Establishment of place names and addresses

The owner of a building or a property can apply for the establishment or amendment of their object’s address. In the case of justified interest, the owner can apply for the establishment or amendment of their object’s name.

Tallinn’s geodesy information system Geoweb

The geodesy information system Geoweb is a database of geodetic measurements and data retrieved from the points of the local geodetic network. Visit Geoweb.
  • Natural persons can use Geoweb to view the surveyed areas and procedures of archived geodetic surveys.
  • Geodesy companies registered to Geoweb can use the database to submit geodetic data and access the spatial data of archived geodetic surveys.
  • For surveyors: Criteria for Topo-Geodetic Surveys and Utility Surveying

Land-related activities and services for land owners

Sometimes, the land owner might need to modify the boundaries of the cadastral unit or change the intended purpose of the land to carry out actions related to their land (selling, buying, building, etc.).

Maps, spatial data and geographic information systems

The field of geographic information systems along with maps and spatial data belongs to the Geoinformation Systems Department of the Tallinn Strategic Management Office. Click here to find the contacts of the department.
  • The information about maps, spatial data and geographic information systems can be found from Tallinn’s geo portal.
  • You can find the spatial data of the Republic of Estonia, local governments and other public legal entities from the Land Board’s geo-portal.
  • Cadastral map – On this map, the plots are packed in the MicroStation V8 version and are displayed by city districts in the L-EST97 coordinate system. The map is for informational purposes.


Legislation regulating geodesy and land management

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice!

Changes in the intended purpose of land
Mare Neiland
Phone: 640 4365 Email: [email protected]

Land planning activities
Karin Remmelgas
Phone: 640 4358 Email: [email protected]

Establishment of addresses
Ruth Asula
Phone: 640 4357 Email: [email protected]

Questions pertaining geodesy and Geoweb
Veiko Lõpp
Phone: 640 4482
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Establishment of place names 
Alo Kose
Phone: 640 4794
[email protected]


Last modified 29.12.2023