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Guidelines for the restoration of buildings in scenic districts

Guidelines for the restoration of buildings in scenic districts

In order to value and preserve built heritage, general guidelines and conditions have been imposed that are specified based on the building’s architectural value and technical condition, the scope and goals of its reconstruction and the conditions of protection and use established in its plans. This website explains the guidelines that must be taken into account when you are planning construction works and preparing construction projects.

Key principles: guidelines and conditions for reconstruction

Construction, repair and maintenance works: find out which activities need to be coordinated in advance and which maintenance works require a permit. 

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Fences and yards

Find out what you should keep in mind when designing fencing, yards and landscaping.

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Funktsionalistliku hoone arhitektuursed detailid.

Green transition and recycling

By preserving what i old and existing, we can protect the environment and value heritage. 

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Funktsionalistlik elamu.

Heating and technical equipment

If you are planning to set up technical equipment, it is important to examine where and which equipment can be installed in the building. 

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Windows and doors

Learn how to choose the right windows and doors for historical buildings in scenic districts. 

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We advise building owners and designers to read books about different building types. The printed books are available in well-stocked bookshops. The Tallinn Cultural Values Department has produced informative materials that introduce the history and development of common building types and give advice on how to restore buildings in a sustainable way. You can access the online books (In Estonian) here: Guidelines for renovation can be found in the Estonian National Heritage Board’s guidebook on restoration.


If you have any questions, need counselling or wish to book an on-site inspection, please contact the chief specialist of the respective scenic district at the Tallinn Urban Planning Department. The work areas of chief specialists are divided by district. You can find the division of districts and the contact details of chief specialists here.

Last modified 30.04.2024