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Tallinn initiates detailed plan for Ülemiste keskus property and surrounding area

The Tallinn City Government approved the decision to initiate the detailed planning for the Suur-Sõjamäe 4 property and its vicinity, paving the way for the redevelopment of the shopping center located on the site and the construction of commercial buildings near the intersection of Tartu maantee and Suur-Sõjamäe Street. Additionally, the detailed plan creates the opportunity for future development of a European Park linking the Rail Baltica junction station and the shopping center extensions.

Tallinn initiates construction of a new school in Põhja-Tallinn

Today, on April 15, representatives from the City of Tallinn and the architectural firm Sammas Arhitektuuribüroo OÜ unveiled the project for a new school building and its construction progress at Karjamaa Street 18, Põhja-Tallinn. In response to the growing demand for school places due to new developments in the area, the city plans to renovate a building formerly used as a school until 2021 and open a new primary school with 864 student places.

Demolition ordered by Tallinn for illegally constructed building

The Tallinn Urban Planning Department will carry out a substitute execution to demolish an illegally constructed building in the Kristiine district at Mõtuse Street 25a, as the construction lacks the necessary design conditions and building permit. The property owner has ignored all injunctions issued over two years.

Expansion planned for Sõle Sports Centre

Tallinn is planning an extension for the Sõle Sports Centre to improve the facility's amenities and ensure the safety of its users. The addition will provide an extra 1,400 square meters of space.

Koidu Street architectural competition winner prioritizes local community

Last summer, Tallinn launched a public architectural competition seeking a concept for Koidu Street as both a residential street and the main thoroughfare of the Uue-Maailma district. The winning entry, titled "Kohalik (Local)," was designed by the architects Tristan Krevald, Ra Martin Puhkan, Siim Tanel Tõnisson, and Madis Eek of OÜ Stuudio Täna.

New residential developments planned for Mustamäe and Haabersti

The Tallinn City Government has initiated the detailed planning for the Järveotsa tee 46 property in the Haabersti district and submitted to the City Council for approval the detailed planning for the Mäepealse Street 21a plot in Mustamäe. Both plans propose new housing developments within the existing urban environment and residential areas.