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Living spaces from the city

People experiencing difficulties, as well as teachers and medical workers, can rent affordable housing in Tallinn's municipal and social housing. Here you will find information about Tallinn's municipal apartments and housing construction programmes.

For municipal housing applicants

The number of municipal housing spaces in Tallinn is limited and there are a lot more applicants than available housing. Housing is allocated for rent to only those who need it. Here you can see what the conditions are for applying for municipal and social housing and how the process for applying and obtaining housing works.


Municipal housing
Municipal housing is for a person or family who is unable to provide a living space for themselves. Read more about the conditions presented to the applicant for municipal housing.

Social housing
Social housing is for people and families who are unable to ensure their own housing and need help with everyday life (social services and benefits).

Unoccupied municipal living spaces in your district

You can apply for municipal housing through the district housing committees. You must first register in your district of residence according to the population register as an applicant for housing and then you can start applying for available housing. Districts publish information about available housing on their websites.


Tallinn's second housing programme 

The city of Tallinn supports the accommodation of employees necessary for the development of the city in the municipal housing built for this purpose. The housing built by Tallinn's second housing programme is intended for employees of city-run agencies, rescuers, police officers, doctors and nurses. You can find information and conditions for applying on the services' websites.

Arstide ja õdede maja

Raadiku, the second housing programme in TallinnMunicipal buildings on Raadiku Street built for young families and essential workers for the city's development.

Teachers' Home (EST)
The Teachers' Home built on Uuslinna 3a makes it possible for teachers working in Tallinn to apply for affordable rental space

House of Doctors and Nurses 
Real estate located at Akadeemia tee 48, where medical staff can apply for affordable rental space.

Addresses of municipal housing

Tallinn's municipal houses and individual apartments are located in every district of the city. The city has a total of 24 municipal buildings and 19 residential buildings that have been taken into use from the private sector. You will also find social housing and their contacts here.


Tallinn’s municipal residential buildings
Here you can see where the municipal buildings in Tallinn are located.

Tallinn’s social residential buildings
Here you can see the addresses and contact numbers of Tallinn’s social housing.


If you have any questions about applying for municipal housing, contact your district’s contact person.

Housing in Raadiku 

In order to apply for housing in Raadiku, contact your district’s contact person.

Teachers' Home
Tiina Sori
Telephone number 640 4511 (workdays)

House of Doctors and Nurses
Aire Johanson
Telephone number 645 7453

Municipal housing management service
Telephone number 640 4500

See also: Social benefits and services for people on low income


Last modified 12.09.2022