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Estonia’s first website that consolidates information about clusters

The website at /clustersinestonia was produced at the initiative of the Tallinn City Enterprise Department, and includes information in both Estonian and English about the clusters operating in Estonia, the cluster partners and the business environment promoting clusters.

The objective of the website is to increase awareness about clusters in Estonia, provide comprehensive information about them and make Estonian clusters visible at both the local and international level.

Currently the website consolidates information about 18 Estonian clusters. And other operating clusters, or those just starting up, are invited to join the cluster website.

The cluster website has been produced in collaboration with all the clusters operating in Estonia and comprehensively consolidates information like a window that can be opened to find the way to the necessary cluster (to the website of the specific cluster). The cluster website provides a summarised survey, but enables one to quickly find the necessary information. Estonia is a small country and such a collaborative website creates a kind of virtual cluster that deals with the economic development of Estonia.

A cluster is an association of enterprises or entrepreneurs, educational and scientific institutions, which, by sharing similar economic interests, carries out the initiatives of the cluster.

The Tallinn City Enterprise Department initiates and manages the cooperation between cluster associations, raises awareness about Estonian clusters and works to ensure that new products and services will be generated by the cluster association, which can be successful in the global marketplace.

More information:

Jaanus Vahesalu
Head of Tallinn City Enterprise Center
Tel 640 4425
GSM +372 518 7879

Last modified 02.03.2021