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Estonian Startup Awards 2023 is done!

Estonian Startup Awards 2023 is done!

On the evening of February 2, 2024 we gathered at Nobel Hall in Noblessner to officially wrap up the year, celebrate our community’s biggest wins and look into the future, together. Will it be bright? Well, yes. Eventually.

In 2023, Estonian Startup Awards had 8 categories, including 3 special categories - GreenTech, HealthTech and DeepTech (chosen based on the trending, booming and most influential topics of the year). In autumn 2023, 224 people from within the community presented a total of 320 unique nominees for the awards. In the research round, the list of nominees was narrowed down to 70+ names.

Altogether, 216 founders - all members of the Estonian Founders Society - joined the jury for final voting. Not an easy task, and many of the jury members reported back that they had to Google some of the nominees they had never ever heard of. A good sign - the next generation is active and doing well! “Given the results are based purely on a survey of founder peers in the community, these awards are always really meaningful recognition,” said Sten Tamkivi, former President of Estonian Founders Society.

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The Estonian Startup Awards event was also supported by the city of Tallinn.