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Tehnopol campus summer day on June 13th!

Tehnopol campus summer day on June 13th!

Tehnopol invite all good friends of Tehnopol to join us on June 13th at the campus summer day! Look forward to a thrilling ninja trail, food trucks, surprises, and a lively concert by Andreas Melts and Jalmar Vabarna! 

The day will kick off with the legendary Tehnopol ninja trail, offering unforgettable experiences for both participants and spectators. After the athletic excitement, enjoy a delightful concert by Andreas Melts and Jalmar Vabarna. The concert will take place in the Tehnopol green area (next to the volleyball court). Food trucks will also be present. Come with colleagues, friends or family!

What to expect from the Tehnopol ninja trail?

The highlight of the campus summer day is definitely the ninja trail competition. Its design is inspired by the twists and turns of the entrepreneurial journey. While technology entrepreneurship feels like an endless obstacle course, this course has a definite start and finish, offering a thrilling, (slightly) extreme experience and great emotions that won’t break the average office worker.

The entire event is FREE and everyone is welcome! Please register so we can account for the number of participants.