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Tallinn's membership in international organisations

ASCE    Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe
Baltic Metropoles Cooperation network of the metropolises in the Baltic Sea Region
CNV European Network for Citizen Protection and Crisis Regulation
EACTV European Association of City Televisions
ECAD European Cities Against Drugs
ECM European Cities Marketing
EUROCITIES Network of major European cities
HANSA Hanseatic Movement
ICA International Council of Archives
ICF Intelligent Community Forum
IMPACTS Network of European and North American Capital and Major Metropolitan Cities for exchanging information and experience on Urban Mobility and Transport Policies
InterCity Youth European Network of Local Departments for Youth Work
LUCI The Lighting Urban Community International
POLIS European Cities and Regions Networking for New Transport Solutions
Strasbourg Club Informal association of the mayors of Europe’s large cities and regional centres
UBC Union of Baltic Cities
WTCF World Tourism Cities Federation TALLINN

Extract from the publication  Facts about Tallinn 2019 page 3.

Last modified 16.04.2023