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European Cities and Regions Networking for New Transport Solutions      


  • to develop innovative technologies and policies in local transportation;
  • to support European cities and regions in improving life quality using innovative solutions with the aim of reducing congestion and pollution emissions, increasing safety and providing better, more equal access to transport services;
  • to encourage cooperation and partnership all around Europe to make research and innovation accessible for cities and regions.
The General Assembly meets at least once a year. At the meeting, the General Assembly elects the President for one year and the Management Committee for three years. The POLIS Secretariat is located in Brussels.
Importance to Tallinn:
  •  POLIS represents Tallinn at the European Union level;
  • POLIS provides decision-makers with information and methods for developing sustainable mobility and solving urban transport issues based on the general aspects of the economy, environment and society;
  • project partners are selected through POLIS.

Rue du Trône 98
B-1050, Brussels
Telephone: +32 2500 5673
Fax: +32 2500 5680
Email: [email protected]

Contact in Estonia:
Andres Harjo
Tallinn Transport Department
Telephone: +372 640 4628
Fax: +372 640 4617
Email: [email protected]

Last modified 09.05.2024