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Union of Baltic Cities

  • Tallinn joined UBC in 1992.
  • Founded in Gdansk in September 1991, the organisation includes around 100 member cities in 10 countries (Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sweden).
  • In addition to Tallinn, UBC has five more member cities in Estonia: Tartu, Pärnu, Maardu, Elva and Rakvere.
  • to contribute to the democratic, economic, social, cultural and environmentally sustainable development of the Baltic Sea region;
  • to promote and strengthen cooperation and the exchange of experiences between the cities of the Baltic Sea region;
  • to stand for the common interests of the local governments of the Baltic Sea region;
  • to cooperate with national, European and other international organisations on behalf of local governments;
  • to ensure the sustainable development of the Baltic Sea region as stated in the principles of subsidiarity of European local and regional governments.
  • an Assembly Meeting once every two years;
  • the President and three Vice-Presidents;
  • the Executive Board consisting of one member city representative from each country;
  • the UBC Secretariat
The coordinator and representative of Estonian member cities on the UBC Executive Board is Elva.

Importance to Tallinn:
  • Tallinn can use the connections formed over 21 years to learn about the experiences of UBC’s 100 member cities, partake in international cooperation projects and share information on Tallinn’s development, achievements and interests.
  • Tallinn can receive information from UBC about the role and opportunities of local governments in Europe from the network.
  • Tallinn can present its views to EU institutions through UBC.
  • Entrepreneurial cooperation
  • Culture
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Health care and social work
  • Local security
  • Sports
  • Tourism
  • Transport
  • Urban planning
  • Youth issues
  • Working Group on Gender Equality

UBC Secretariat
Waly Jagiellonskie 1
80-853 Gdansk
Telephone: +48 583 010 917
Telephone: +48 583 019 123
Fax: +48 583 017 637
Email: [email protected]

Contact in Tallinn:
Kerttu Märtin
Tallinn City Government
International Relations and Protocol Department
Telephone: +372 640 4440
Email: [email protected]



Last modified 09.05.2024