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General archival query

Release of archival notices, answers to queries, copies and extracts. Use this service if your query is not a request for documents in the Register of Building archives, a request for length of service or a request for property rights information. In most cases, you will receive an answer to your query within 15 working days. You can also apply for an expedited query: in this case, you will receive an answer within two working days if possible. The fee for an expedited query is 15 euros. If you wish for an expedited query, mention it in your enquiry form and the City Archives council will inform you of whether they can provide this service.

It is also possible to request archival materials for research or personal reasons – the fee for these queries is 15 euros per entry. Archival notices for attestation of rights and transactions are still taxed with a state fee (15 euros).

To receive an answer to your query, you must first pay either the state fee or an answer fee, as well as the fee for copies and/or the expedited query fee. Please note! Make sure you don’t make the payment before you have received a notification from the City Archives informing you of the amount to be paid.