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Green Yard support

The apartment association can apply for a grant to carry out landscaping activities.

The grant retroactively covers up to 60% of the eligible expenses, but not more than 600 euros for one apartment building per year.




The application along with photos of the yard (before and after the landscaping work) must be submitted within two months of completing the work.

You can find a list of activities eligible for the grant here.

 Applications are accepted all year while there are enough funds to distribute.


 Budget in 2022


 In 2022, the budget of the grant is 44,000 euros, out of which:

  •         1662.60 euros has been assigned for allowance,
  •          600 euros has been reserved for applications being processed,
  •         41,737.40 euros are reserves.

Five applications have been submitted, four of which have been paid out and one is being processed. No applications have been rejected.