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Nearly seven times more large waste brought during campaign week

During this year's final free large waste disposal week from November 20-26, Tallinn's waste treatment plants received seven times more large waste than in a typical week of November. Throughout the year, residents brought a total of 5,592.17 cubic meters of waste to the waste treatment plants, equivalent to approximately 70 truckloads of large waste.

Autumn collection events yield over 23 tons of hazardous waste

During the last two weekends of October, residents of Tallinn participated in a city-organized collection drive, handing over approximately 23,930.90 kilograms of hazardous waste and 107 cubic meters of reusable items. Tallinn residents have the ongoing opportunity to dispose of their hazardous household waste at no cost at six designated collection points throughout the city and at four waste treatment plants all year round.
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Construction begins for Lilleküla Circular Economy Center

Tallinn is transforming its existing waste treatment plants into circular economy centers and constructing new ones to provide services that not only involve waste collection but also focus on waste prevention, reduction, and recycling. The first circular economy center, known as the Lilleküla Circular Economy Center, is slated for construction in the Kristiine district at Mustjõe Street 40.