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Admission to preschool

Admission to preschool

In Tallinn, there are 124 municipal preschools.

The citizens of Tallinn may choose for their children any municipal preschool that has available vacancies. When choosing a preschool, it is advised to consider the preschool’s location, teaching methods, and working language (Estonian and/or Russian).

  1. For applying a place in a preschool, citizens of Tallinn have to submit an admission application based on the child’s birth certificate. 
  2. The application form must include:
    - the list of desired preschools (up to 3)
    - andthe time of admission.
  3. The application is to be submitted to the head of one of the preschools (which you wrote in your application) either in person or via e-mail. The application form may also be filled out during a visit to the preschool’s head.
  4. The head then gives a notification about entering the application into the database within three working days.

If you are a resident of Tallinn, you can also apply for a nursery school in the self service, in this case, all operations can be done online. 

The selected pre-schools can be changed afterwards, but this implies making a new application and losing the current position in the waiting list. 

The preschool classes are assembled from May 1st to August 15th but in case of openings, children are admitted all year round

According to Tallinn City Government’s regulation, pre-schools also accept children from outside the administrative territory of Tallinn, provided there are available vacancies. In that case, Tallinn Education Department contracts an agreement with the child’s domiciliary local government.  

Should there be problems with finding a place in a municipal preschool or other questions, contact with Tallinn Education Department: 

Marika Kallas, Leading Specialist of Unit for Educational Services, telephone +372 6404582 / e-mail: [email protected]   

Private preschools (with English as the language of instruction):


Regulation of Tallinn City Government No 18 of 22.04.2015 "Laste koolieelsesse lasteasutusse vastuvõtu ja sealt väljaarvamise kord" (Regulation of admitting and expelling children in a pre-school) 


Last modified 21.02.2024