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Centres for Extra-Curricular Activities

Centres for Extra-Curricular Activities

There are 9 municipal Centres for Extra-Curricular Activities in Tallinn Education Department system and also private Centres for Extra-Curricular Activities schools.

Centres for Extra-Curricular Activities allow children the opportunity to acquire extra-curricular skills and experience in areas of interest to them, such as art, handicraft, music, dance, technology, sport, nature and languages.

Extra-curricular education is voluntary.

Contacts of Centres for Extra-Curricular Activities (in Estonian)

Map of Centres for Extra-Curricular Activities (in English)


Most students are between the ages of 6 and 18. Activities are extra-curricular and taught as either group or private lessons according to specific syllabuses.

All of Tallinn’s extra curricular education schools and programs have been certified with a permit by Estonian Ministry of Education and Research. In intensified music and art schools, academic work proceeds according to standard nationwide curriculums. Enrichment activities are regulated by the Law on Hobby Schools.

Each year Centres for Extra-Curricular Activities hold concerts, exhibitions, competitions, promotional events and family days that introduce the public to the learning opportunities. For young people, hobby education programs are a good beginning for choosing a career. Events such as open houses and camps are held during school breaks. Summer camps held in the city are especially popular. Municipal hobby education schools provide an opportunity for students of different social backgrounds to learn together. 

Teachers in numerous fields have achieved outstanding results and honors on both nationwide and international level (children choirs, folk dance troupes, music studios, film and video studios, competitive dance clubs, theatre and technology clubs).


Merike Kivimäe
Head specialist of unit for educational services
Tallinn Education Departement

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Last modified 21.02.2024