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Councelling commission for children whith special needs

Councelling commission for children whith special needs

Tallinn Counselling Commission is an advisory body to Tallinn Education Departement whose goal is to determine an appropriate program of study for children with special needs, to transfer children (with the consent of their parent/guardian) to a special school, class or special group in kindergarten or to decide to grant a parent’s application to have a child’s education deferred. 

Tasks of the counselling commission:

  • Suggest an appropriate program of studies in line with the child’s abilities
  • Advise parents in finding a suitable program of studies
  • Recommend that studies be continued in a conventional school, indicating the need for and focus of academic counseling
  • Refer children if necessary to additional testing
  • Recommend a program of studies for preschoolers in line with their abilities
  • Decide on deferral of educational requirements, recommending a program that would assist in growth until such time as the child enters school

Rights of the counselling commission:

  • Send deficient documents back for corrections;
  • To obtain the information necessary for the commission’s activities from educational institutions, medical specialists, family doctors and orphanages;
  • To examine children with special needs and to send children to additional inpatient examination, with the consent of the parent.


Preschooler counselling

Pupil counselling



Karin Lember
Tallinn Education Departement
Head specialist
Tel: 640 4657
e-mail: [email protected] 




Last modified 04.02.2023