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General information about Tallinn preschools

General information about Tallinn preschools

There are 125 municipal preschools in the area of administration of Tallinn EducationDepartment:

  • 78 with Estonian, 28 with Russian and 19 with Estonian and Russian as the languages of instruction
  • In addition there are preschool groups in Tallinn Helen School and Tallinn Laagna Kindergarten-Basic School (with Estonian as the language of instruction)

All together 127 preschool institutions for children.

According to the Preschool Children’s Institutions Act the categories of schools based on the age of children and their needs are as follows:

  • Nursery (up to 3-year-olds)
  • Preschool (up to 7-year-olds);
  • Preschool for SEN children (up to 7-year-olds, for the children with special educational needs);
  • Preschool - elementary school (combined school). 

The following special groups exist in order to fill special educational needs:

  • Levelling groups
  • Children with physical handicaps
  • Sight-impaired groups
  • Hearing-impaired
  • Development groups
  • Multiple disabilities children’s groups
  • Adjustment groups


Contact information of preschools (est)

See the map for locations of preschools


If needed, consultations are provided to parents by the specialists of the preschool education department (curators of kindergartens) of the Education Department.

Ask a question regarding the preschool education


Private preschools (with English as the languages of instruction):


Should there be problems with finding a place in a municipal preschool or other questions, contact with Tallinn Education Department:

  • Marika Kallas, Leading Specialist of Unit for Educational Services  
    telephone +372 6404582 / e-mail: [email protected]  


Last modified 16.05.2023