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Preschooler counseling

Preschooler counseling

The basis for deferral of educational requirements is the state of health of the child. The counseling commission will consider the written decision of the physician regarding the health of the child and the recommendations of other specialists.

Educational requirements may be deferred due to the following health problems. 

On the basis of decision by family doctor or pediatrician:
  • Acute illness, aggravation of chronic illness or severe injury that has required long-term (over six weeks of) hospital treatment before entering school
  • Developmental problems with speech and language (on the basis of a speech therapist’s examination)
  • Neurotic disorders
On the basis of psychiatric decision:
  • Specific developmental disorders, various types
  • Pervasive developmental disorders
  • Hyperkinetic disorder
  • Behavioral and emotional disorders, various types
  • Communication disorders
  • Neurotic disorders
Applications for deferrals will be granted only if during the time the necessary environment for the growth and recovery of the child is ensured by the parent, along with the opportunity to continue acquiring a basic education until such time as the child is ready to attend school.
Parents are to submit the following documents to the counseling commission:
  • Application
  • Copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • Written decision of the physician (medical record and the treatment/recovery plan)
  • A teacher’s and/or speech therapist’s characterization of the speech of the child enrolled in a preschool institution or preparatory group, together with a speech therapist’s diagnosis
  • Artwork of the child enrolled in a preschool or preparatory group
Applications for deferrals can be made by parents to the counselling commission from 1 March of the current year and the decision is to be made by 25 May at the latest!

The following documents are to be submitted for the placement of children in special groups:

  • Application from parent or guardian
  • Copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • Letter from a psychiatrist or speech therapist on the diagnosis and characterization of the child’s speech to transfer child to a leveling group and development group
  • Letter from a psychiatrist and neurologist on transferring child to a physical disability group
  • Letter from a psychiatrist, ear doctor and/or eye doctor on transferring a child to a sensory impaired group
  • Letter from a psychiatrist, speech therapist, neurologist, ear doctor and/or eye doctor on transferring child to a multiple-handicap group
  • Teacher’s characterization regarding the child’s development, when the child has previously attended a institution for children


Contact person:
Karin Lember
Tallinn Education Departement
Head specialist
Tel: 640 4657
e-mail: [email protected] 



Last modified 04.02.2023