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Special education in schools for pupils with special needs

Based on Estonian law basic education can be acquired at three levels of academic program:

  • State basic school and gymnasium curriculum
  • Simplified state basic school curriculum (assisted educational curriculum)
  • Minimum state curriculum


The state curriculum for special schools is being developed.

To ensure adequate academic capacity, opportunities are set forth for forming classes of children with special needs at state and municipal schools and special groups at preschool institutions.

The city counselling commission will decide on the transfer of children to special kindergartens (special groups) and inpatient schools and special schools for the disabled and on deferral of educational requirements with the consent of the parent/guardian.

Conditions and procedures of the counselling commission for the disabled.

Regulation No. 43 of the Minister of Education, 2 July 1999.
Foundations and procedure of acceptance to and disqualification from special kindergartens (special group), inpatient schools, special schools for the disabled (special class) Regulation No. 33 of the Minister of Education, 2 June 1999





Last modified 24.04.2013