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Heavy transport

Heavy transport

Dear HGV driver!

If your destination is Tallinn Old Harbour (A,B or D terminal)  and a GPS device is available (TomTom or Garmin), you can download the following routes:

Direction Device: TomTom Device: Garmin

From Pärnu



To terminals A and B

Pärnu_AB.itn (TomTom) 

Pärnu_AB.gpx (Garmin) 

To terminal D

Pärnu_D.itn (TomTom) 

Pärnu_D.gpx (Garmin) 

From St Peterburg



To terminals A and B

St Peterburg_AB.itn (TomTom) 

St Peterburg_AB.gpx (Garmin) 

To terminal D

St Peterburg_D.itn (TomTom) 

St Peterburg_D.gpx (Garmin) 

From terminals A ja B



To Pärnu

AB_Pärnu.itn (TomTom) 

AB_Pärnu.gpx (Garmin) 

To St Peterburg

AB_St Peterburg.itn (TomTom)

AB_St Peterburg.gpx (Garmin)

From terminal D



To Pärnu

D_Pärnu.itn (TomTom)

D_Pärnu.gpx (Garmin)

To St Peterburg

D_St Peterburg.itn (TomTom)

D_St Peterburg.gpx (Garmin)

Select necessary file(s).
Copy file(s) to either folder/itn or folder/gpx.
Download the routes to your device according to user manual. 

Have a good trip!

Last modified 21.02.2024