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Information for taxi passengers

Information for taxi passengers

In the case of a classical taxi service, the passenger pays for the journey based on the taximeter reading, where the fare is calculated according to the prices presented in the price list. Before entering the taxi, make sure to read the price list on the window of the right-side rear door and on the dashboard.

Fixed fares for the classical taxi service in Tallinn:

  • starting fare 5.50 euros
  • per-kilometre fare 1.10 euros
  • waiting charge 24.20 euros/hour
  • The taxi driver is obligated to place a service provider card on the dashboard of the vehicle.
  • The taxi driver is obligated to give the passenger a printed receipt after providing the service.
  • It is forbidden for the taxi driver to provide transport services if the taximeter or printer is faulty.
  • they don’t receive a receipt or if the vehicle doesn’t include a taximeter or printer;
  • the taxi service is provided with a vehicle that does not have a valid vehicle card;
  • the driver does not have a service provider card.

Obligations for taxi drivers

The passenger is not obligated to pay for the trip if:

Taxi apps

When using a taxi app, the passenger will pay the fare as marked on the electronic receipt. The fare is set according to the tariff established by the carrier.

At the end of the journey, the passenger will receive an electronic summary that includes the driver’s first and last name, photo, the number of their service provider card, the vehicle registration number, the date of the journey, the start and end time of the journey, the starting point and destination of the journey, total journey time and the final fare. The taxi driver’s service provider card and its number will be visible to the passenger electronically.

The passenger is not obligated to pay for the journey if the service is provided with a vehicle that doesn’t have a vehicle card and/or the electronic information about the driver or vehicle is incomplete (missing service provider card number, driver’s name and photo, vehicle registration number or vehicle card number).

It is forbidden for the taxi driver to demand a fare higher than the fixed rate or the fare displayed on the taximeter.

In the case of any of the aforementioned problems, call 14410 or 112.

Last modified 23.06.2022