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International Animal Welfare Conference in Tallinn focuses on helping animals in wartime

The Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals (ESPA) and the Tallinn Urban Environmental and Public Works Department are organising yet another international conference of animal welfare, taking place on 8 September 2022 in Tallinn Teachers' House (Raekoja plats 14). This year’s conference focuses on exotic animals and helping animals in during war. Among the speakers are specialists from the United States, Ukraine, Estonia and other European countries.

This is the third time that the International Animal Welfare Conference takes place, and it is dedicated to the protection and saving of animals, and the people who assist animals on a daily basis. The aim of the conference is to share knowledge and experience at an international level, and to improve the competence of animal welfare workers and all those involved with animals.

"Animal welfare is our shared responsibility and Tallinn is working in different areas, from the development and research activities of the Zoo to the creation of new protected areas in the city. Animals suffer alongside humans as a result of military action, and I am pleased that we are providing a platform for international experts to discuss these important issues in Tallinn," said Vladimir Svet, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn.

Keeping exotic animals in domestic conditions is becoming increasingly popular, but often leads to problems and unanswered questions.

"The conference is a good opportunity to meet, learn from and exchange experiences with professionals and other animal lovers from all over the world. The problems we are facing or may soon face here in Estonia have already been solved somewhere, so there is no need for us to reinvent the wheel, it is good to learn from others' experiences and adapt them to our own," added Geit Karurahu, ESPA board member.

Speaking on wild and exotic animal protection at the conference, is zoologist and biologist Chris Draper, who has worked in animal conservation for many years and will talk about the trade in exotic animals and how to rehabilitate wild animals. Natalie Sorokopud, who is active in several local NGOs, will give an insight into the situation of animals and how to help them in Ukraine. The conference will also look at how animal police officers work, and whether and how to train your cat.

Anyone with an interest in animal protection and its development, or who has animals at home, is welcome to attend. It is a good opportunity to learn new knowledge and hear about the experiences of others.

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The Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals is a non-profit association comprised of animal friends operating since spring 2000, with a mission to assure and improve animal welfare and prevent animal abusing. The mission is carried out by directly helping animals, informing the public, educating people, and participating in legislation and animal welfare monitoring. The Tallinn Urban Environmental and Public Works Department has been in operation since 1940. The Department's field of activity is the organisation of environmental protection and nature conservation and the provision of public services in the maintenance sector in Tallinn, based on the objective of ensuring a favourable living environment and the principles of sustainable development.

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