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DigiAudit – Real-time building performance audit

DigiAudit – Real-time building performance audit

DigiAuditThe continuous monitoring of energy, ventilation and air quality in hundreds of buildings generates big data. Analytics are developed to handle this data, allowing for real-time monitoring and comparison of buildings, diagnostics and real-time detection of faults in technical systems.
The buildings included in the project are a good representative sample of municipal buildings: schools, kindergartens, offices and social welfare buildings. In addition to local government buildings, the project also includes TalTech campus buildings. A total of 45 buildings will be added to the platform.
Data processing and management tools will be developed using the data from these buildings. On the platform, performance monitoring functions are separated from maintenance-related automated diagnostics.

As a result of the project, upgraded sensors will be installed in 20 buildings owned by Tallinn to enable monitoring of the indoor climate. It is possible to perform automatic diagnostics on the condition of the buildings. A three-level control board will be built, through which it will be possible to monitor the condition of the buildings and assess repair and investment needs.


The DigiAudit project is one of the smart city pilot projects selected through the 2020 design contest.
The pilot programme will be brought to life by the Centre for Smart Cities and funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Estonian Ministry of Science and Education.

Last modified 04.06.2024