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Top architectural designs for Koidu Street presented to the public

In July last year, Tallinn announced a public architectural competition seeking concepts for Koidu Street as both a residential street and the main street of the Uus Maailm district. Today at 6 PM, a presentation of the top five architectural proposals for the competition will be held at Tallinna Humanitaargümnaasium (Koidu Street 97), aiming to involve local residents in the discussion before the jury makes its final decision.
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Bus schedule changes in February

Starting from February 1, there will be changes to the bus schedules in Tallinn. The changes will affect bus routes number 2, 6, 7, 8, 15, 31, 39, 65, and 73.
Liivalaia trammi illustratsioon_1.jpg

Tallinn to build new tramways on Liivalaia Street and to Pelguranna

Tallinn is planning to construct new tramways on Liivalaia Street and along the Pollinator Highway (Putukaväil) leading to Pelguranna. This week, the City Government sent a proposal to the Ministry of Climate for European Union funding to expand the city's tram network. The plan involves adding three kilometers of new tracks.
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Tallinn commits to systematic noise reduction efforts

The Tallinn City Government has approved the initiative to draft the "Tallinn Environmental Noise Reduction Action Plan 2024–2028." This plan aligns with the "Tallinn 2035" development strategy and the city's mobility plan, aiming to manage environmental noise within the city, particularly noise resulting from transportation and industry.
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Construction begins for Lilleküla Circular Economy Center

Tallinn is transforming its existing waste treatment plants into circular economy centers and constructing new ones to provide services that not only involve waste collection but also focus on waste prevention, reduction, and recycling. The first circular economy center, known as the Lilleküla Circular Economy Center, is slated for construction in the Kristiine district at Mustjõe Street 40.
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Five tram lines operating in October

The temporary tram line No. 6, introduced during the construction of the Old City Harbour tram line, will continue to operate on the Tondi-Kopli route until at least the end of October. Starting on October 1, the rest of the tram traffic will be fully restored. The City is also exploring the option of permanently continuing with tram line No. 6