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Public presentation of traffic solutions in Mustjõe

Tallinn City Urban Environment and Public Works Department is planning to reconstruct the streets in the Mustjõe area.

The design of Värvi (Laki-Kõrgepinge section), Mustjõe (Värvi-Veskimetsa section) and Veskimetsa streets is in progress. The sketches of these streets were presented to the public on 15 November 2022 in Kristiine District Government.

Opinions expressed during and after the public presentation were mostly related to the future traffic solutions in the area. The design of Veskimetsa Street has been suspended until the most suitable traffic solution is found.

Tallinn City Urban Environment and Public Works Department and Tallinn City Transport Department have considered the opinions received and made their own proposals in regard to possible traffic solutions. We wish to present three possible options at 17:30 on 31 January 2023 at Tallinn Mustjõe High School (Paldiski mnt 83).

Possible traffic solutions and brief descriptions:

  • the circular economy centre will be accessed via Laki and Värvi streets;
  • Tuuliku Street will remain open to car traffic;
  • Mustjõe Street will be closed to passing traffic at the intersection of Veskimetsa Street;
  • access to Heinavälja Street from Veskimetsa Street will be closed;
  • traffic calming measures (raised intersections) will be implemented at the reconstruction of the streets in the area, especially on Veskimetsa and Piibelehe streets.

Option 1

Mustjõe liiklusskeem V-1-1.png
  • Veskimetsa and Piibelehe streets will be closed to car traffic at Putukaväila (light traffic road).
  • This traffic solution will ‘split’ the area into two from the car traffic perspective, which will change the habitual traffic of local residents.
  • There will be no through traffic.

Option 2

Mustjõe liiklusskeem V-2-1.png
  • Veskimetsa Street will be turned into a one-way street with the direction Paldiski Road – Mustjõe Street. Piibelehe Street will be turned into a one-way street with the direction Mustjõe Street – Paldiski Road.
  • Veskimetsa and Piibelehe streets with one-way traffic will significantly alter the habitual traffic of the local residents.
  • Considering the widths of Veskimetsa and Piibelehe streets, it is the only solution that will allow the expansion of the light traffic area on these streets.
  • There will be practically no through traffic.

Option 3

Mustjõe liiklusskeem V-2-1.png
  • Veskimetsa and Piibelehe streets will remain two-way streets.
  • The impact on the habitual traffic of the local residents will be small.
  • The through traffic will remain.

You can make your proposals on traffic solutions until 14 February 2023 using the proposal form below and also at the public presentation on 31 January. Further decisions on traffic solutions will be posted on this website in March at the latest.

Last modified 07.02.2023